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Mild and qualified optimism from Calculated Risk on housing

Calculated Risk for years has provided better economic forecasts and data collection than the expensive paid services with their relentless bubble boosterism.

I also owe him personally for helping to expose the ticking time bomb of subprime and option-ARM mortgages way back in 2006. That was a very good year for my personal portfolio! Nonetheless I have to disagree with his mild optimism on housing expressed here:

He argues that residential investment may have reached bottom earlier this year, and their recovery in Q3 and Q4 will boost the rest of the economy, and also points to possible recoveries in autos and business inventories.

I think, more likely, these “green shoots” will soon be overwhelmed by the continuing collapse of much of the rest of the economy.

Even if autos and residential RE construction recover somewhat, what about the following:

Banks without cheap federal financing?

State and local government spending?

Commercial real estate?

Unemployment and income declines?

Decreasing velocity of money due to high marginal propensity to save?

Rolling waves of defaults as cheap bubble debt matures, from Option ARMs to leveraged loans to credit cards to commercial lines of credit?

The hundreds of thousands of small and medium-size businesses affected by the impending CIT Group bankruptcy and the massive closing of unsecured credit lines by Amex and Adventa earlier this year?

Each of these are contributing to deflationary headwinds that, in my opinion, will smother any spark of recovery in real estate or autos for at least the next three quarters.


Two New Articles on Seeking Alpha

Here are links to my latest articles on Seeking Alpha:

First, a discussion on why I think tech stock is undervalued.

Second, a more abstract analysis of what automakers might to increase their chances of a federal bailout.

New Article On Seeking Alpha

I’ve written my second article for financial mega-site Seeking Alpha, which details why I think shorting the stock RWT is a good way to profit off of the bear market in housing.

Bond Market Indices Also in Freefall, Most at All-Time Lows

First, here is the ABX series 2007-2, tracking mortgage bonds issued mostly in the first half of 2007. It hit an all-time low of 64.83 Friday. The index was started in July 2007 at 100.

The 2007-1 AAA series also hit an all-time low on Friday. The AAA series are the most important to track simply because most subprime bonds were rated AAA when they were issued.